Dear Valued Clients:

We understand your concerns about travelling at the moment and acknowledge there are genuine issues to consider in contemplating your next holiday.

The safety and well being of our travellers is our highest priority. We have had a lot of our clients reaching out to us already but we will be contacting all Flying Colours Travel travellers departing between today and the 30th of November 2020 to go through options for their upcoming travel plans. This includes suspension of travel and the holding of funds for re-booking once the crisis has cleared.

We Thank you for your patience and are working for the best outcome for all our valued clients.

Conditions and restrictions are changing rapidly. We are working with our suppliers, airlines, hotels, tour & cruise partners to provide the best possible options for our clients that have travel plans in the coming few months so that you are well informed of your choices.

These are challenging times for us but we have weathered many storms like:

  • The Pilots Dispute.
  • September 11.
  • The 2001 collapse of Ansett.
  • Two Gulf Wars.
  • SARS virus, originating in Hong Kong and the southern China mainland.
  • Swine and bird flu.
  • The Bali bombings.

When the Covid-19 storm is over and everything is back to normal we will be here to help you make your travel dreams come true.

We wanted to say a huge thank you to all our amazing Flying Colours Travel clients for their never-ending support and understanding during this time. It means the world to us.

Any Questions? Ask us!